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Ever have a question you were just DYING to ask one of the Fruits Basket characters? Well, now's your chance!! Here at ASK FURUBA, it's your chance to ask them ANYTHING YOU WANT!! Anything from the manga, anime, or anything about themselves personally. Basically, just post a question to the community, and the character will answer it for you. ^^


Yuki Sohma played by Tilly
Haru Sohma played by Lauren
Kisa Sohma played by SleepDebtFairy
Momiji Sohma played by Nixa
Hatori Sohma played by Olie
Ayame Sohma played by Tina
Rin Sohma played by Hexes
Hiro Sohma played by Tilly
Ritsu Sohma played by (TAKEN)
Kureno Sohma played by _____
Shigure Sohma played by Tilly
Kagura Sohma played by Tilly
Kyou Sohma played by Li
Akito Sohma played by Ki-chan
Tohru Honda played by Suiseniki
Arisa Uotani played by Une
Saki Hanajima played by Lauren
Megumi Hanajima played by _____
Mitsuru played by Inuyatta
Makoto Takei played by Tilly
Miine Kuramae played by _____
Kakeru Manabe played by Tilly
Machi Kuragi played by Tina
Matoko Minegawa played by _____
Rika Aida played by Tilly
Minami Kinoshita played by _____
Kazuma Sohma played by Li
Tohru's Grandfather (Ojiisan) played by _____
Hotspring's Lady (Okami) played by _____
Kimi Todo(?) played by Amy


Interested in applying to be a character? Please send an application of what the character means to you and why I should cast you in the role to: tillyslj@yahoo.com

Please also include a sample answer to the following question for each of your characters:

Application Question: If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with any ONE of the cursed Sohmas, who would you pick and why?

Please answer the question AS your characters you're applying for. Thank you!

_____ All characters marked by a "__" are OPEN characters. These characters have temporary players, but are in desperate need for love and affection. Please feel free to apply for any character that is marked as Open.

Also, more characters will open up as time goes on, and our players become busier. So, if you're interested in playing a character that does NOT have a "*" next to it, please send an application anyway. But, be warned, you may be turned down for the role based solely on the fact that the player does not wish to give up the character.

If you wish to play a character who is not ON the list, please e-mail me to discuss.

Thank you.


~~~Community brought to you and copyrighted by: Tilly [tillymunson]~~~


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